Jao Ortega

Jao Ortega


2 years ago

Hide Widget

Hi Thrivers, is there a way to hide the widget in certain specific pages?  Thanks.

  • Parvez Akther
    Parvez Akther 2 years ago
    That condition should come from your page logic. You can include/exclude snippet from your page settings(depends on the CMS you use)
  • Jao Ortega
    Jao Ortega 2 years ago
    Got it bro.. would've been amazing if we have this option from the dashboard. Thanks anyway.
  • no gooe
    no gooe 2 years ago
    Still getting unsolicited emails. Once again...remove my account. when I click on notification preferences, i get a 403 error. This is a reflection of your product quality. It would be a hard sell for me to want to use ThriveDesk if they don't have the IT infrastructure to handle something as simple as this.