Nguyễn Quang Hoàng

Nguyễn Quang Hoàng


1 year ago

Error caused by Customizer and need Fix - ThriveDesk Docs

- Header and Footer should apply to the entire page instead of just the homepage. Or should it be left in the Branding section (Currently the color and icon saved in Branding is not working)

- Branding should also allow adding a profile picture for the Docs site. So that when sharing the link for everyone via social networks or chat tools, it will be easy to receive calls

- If Header and Footer for home page alone will not be consistent with pages, categories

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  • Saiful Alam
    Saiful Alam 1 year ago
    This issue was fixed, you can now check the updated customizer. where the branding settings move to the customizer page with some separated options, :)
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