Ivan C.

Ivan C.


2 years ago

Could You add tag options for any users/admins from the commuity?

I wanted to tag @Parvez Akther in one of my posts from the „Bug Report” channel, but I cannot do it.Could you add such options to tag users from the community? 

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  • Parvez Akther
    Parvez Akther 2 years ago
    Mention feature is done and it'll land on Helpdesk first then community this month.
  • test person
    test person 2 years ago
    @parvez I cannot unsubscribe from this community, and the unsubscribe link in email notifications doesn't work. I'll keep adding this message until you remove me from this group and unsubscribe my address as I requested over a month ago.
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  • Ivan C.
    Ivan C. 2 years ago
    @parvez, we basically receiving notifications for any posts, any comments on this community.