Phill Coxon

Phill Coxon


1 month ago

Inbound API / Webhook support

As previously mentioned in the facebook group I'd like to request API / webhook support, particularly inbound.  

As an example, I've just been configuring for a new website. It's working great for outgoing emails but I'd also like to use the inbound streams to receive inbound emails and send them through to ThriveDesk via webhook. 

Yes, I'm aware we can use forms to receive contact requests and send those via email to ThriveDesk but I'd still much rather have a direct API delivery that I feel is more reliable. 


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  • Parvez Akther 1 month ago

    We use postmark to delivery all our email but I'm not sure about your use case for inbound email parsing.

  • Matt Miciula 1 month ago

    +1 for API / webhook support

  • Phill Coxon 4 weeks ago

    The use case is that I can set up a Postmark inbound stream to receive email at different email addresses on my domains and Postmark can then post the email via webhook to a suitable API end point. Lots of logging and potential flexibility re: ingesting the email data depending on the API feature set.

    • Phill Coxon 4 weeks ago

    • Phill Coxon 4 weeks ago

      Yes, inbound email forwarding works in the most part but I'm still seeing signs of emails not getting through (need to do more testing) and at some point in future I'd like the full flexibility to create tickets via API whether they are from postmark incoming web-hooks or other applications.