2 years ago

Live chat without mails

I understand that for some businesses it's good to e-mail after a party drop-off. However in my case it's limiting, because I only want to live chat with visitors that are live. And I don't want to set op separate inboxes and go to the SMTP setup. And I saw chat log emails were sent from Thrivedesk email. So i'm still hoping that live chat as standalone (without e-mails) would become possible in the near future.

Please upvote if you could also use this option.

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  • Ashiqul Islam
    Ashiqul Islam 2 years ago
    Hi Jeffrey, I am wondering why don't you want to go through a 5 minute process and set it up once it for all, i mean if that is the only reason then its sad for us because we thought our shared inbox is the primal pin point of all the features associated to its, its the foundation and the base of the tool. in this way you can keep records of the conversation let it be live or via a contact form or direct email. lets rethink shall we. 😉