2 years ago

Ticket ID shared by all inboxes (Suggestion to have ticket ID by inbox)

Current State:

All inboxes within a workspace sharing same series of Ticket ID number and also Live Chat does not have ticket ID assigned.

For example, I have 2 inboxes ([email protected] and [email protected]), both of them sharing the same ticket ID running number, there is noway to track the ticket ID by email.


Feature Request:


For a company with multiple brands, or deploy the live chat/ inbox to the customer project, it is necessary to isolate the ticket ID per email (inbox & chat) instead of sharing the same ticket ID for all inboxes & Live chats.

1. To have ticket ID by email/ inbox  (or best if can have option to share or dont share ticket ID for inbox)

2. To have option to generate ticket ID for Live Chat (sharing the same email with inbox)

3. To be able to configure the naming convention for ticket ID. 



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  • Dig Designs
    Dig Designs 2 years ago
    Yes, it would be great to have ability to prepend a custom value to specific inboxes.
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  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago
    Agreed - TD needs ticket ID so agents / customers are able to refer to previous tickets
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