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Nguyễn Quang Hoàng


2 years ago

Docs - Update post editing and Sort order of Sub Categories - ThriveDesk Docs

1. Article Editor

- Allow Upload images to articles

- Fix the error of not being able to add Code, Line spacing

- Add Block Accordion, Tab blocks, Button CTA

- Allow to select multiple posts to choose action to move category or delete (Similar to category) just like WordPress

2. Categories

- Allow to sort order by subcategories, like in large categories

3. New bug update

4- List - The mouse cursor is wrong, it is displayed before the number, only after entering the new number

5- When I copy and paste the Code directly into the article, it will give the article a blank error. incorrigible (I erased a paragraph before it showed up on the front end)

In this case, Code editing mode should be enabled

6- Get in touch doesn't support translation yet

7- The Youtube link has an error saying that the thumbnail cannot be displayed

On the community I tried it, it displayed normally

But not allowed to edit, just delete and recreate. Should add permission to edit the link here

Test youtube

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