Parvez Akther

Parvez Akther


2 years ago

💬 Introducing new conversation, download manager

Ability to create new conversation from dashboard was the most requested features since we soft launched ThriveDesk. You asked and we delivered 🙏

You'll see 'New Conversation' button in every inbox and from there you can create ticket on behalf of customer.

You can select any existing contacts or create new contact. Every new contact will automatically added to your contacts database.

You can select tag for the conversation.

Inside the editor you can assign the conversation to any agent, set default status to it. We pull these default settings form Inbox settings.

⬇️ New Download Manager

Now it's very easy to download all attachments from the tickets and roam around the dashboard. Our download manager will place all your files in queue and download one by one so you don't have to stuck inside the conversation and no chance to loose/corrupt the files.

You can cancel the download too.

🔦 New Contact Search and Conversation

This the beginning of our upcoming search feature. Now you can search your contacts and its blazing fast.

In addition to search, you can go to the contact's last conversation with a single click.

Click the email icon of any contact and it'll take you to the latest conversation.

⭐️ Bug fixes and enhancements

  • We Increased attachment limit. Now you can receive 25MB total attachments in one conversation.
  • Attachment missing bug fixed.
  • Improved notification system.
  • Login page design improvements.
  • Agents list population system updated.

🙌 Finally, a massive thank you to all our users who contributed helpful feedback to make ThriveDesk better for everyone.

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  • Nguyễn Quang Hoàng
    Nguyễn Quang Hoàng 2 years ago
    Good, Look forward to the integration with Woocommerce
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  • Nguyễn Quang Hoàng
    Nguyễn Quang Hoàng 2 years ago
    Thanks you, Great, excellent, wonderfull
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