It's great that we can add CC/BCC fields when creating support tickets. I especially like that we have the ability to search current contacts!

It would be really nice to also be able to CC/BCC fields in any support ticket/conversation so that we know who is on the email as well as have the ability to add other parties to the conversation.

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  • Parvez Akther
    Parvez Akther 2 months ago
    • Matt
      Matt 2 weeks ago
      Is there a way to have the CC field visible every time without having to click the three dots next to the text "instant reply"?

Please add the ability to add attachments and inline images when openeing a new support ticket and replying. 

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It would be really cool if there was an option to automatically insert a greeting to the beginning of each reply.

For instance, if a CRM user named John Smith sent us a support request and a user clicked reply something like "Hello John," ("Hello {contacts.first-name},") would automatically be inserted into the beginning of each message when replying.

This would speed up replies and be a neat little feature.

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It would be really cool if we can integrate with Twilio for two way text message conversations.

The support agent and customer would communicate via SMS but in TD it would appear as a conversation.

SMS could also be used to text status updates about the customers order for ecommer...

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  • Parvez Akther
    Parvez Akther 1 month ago
    SMS could work as a channel like Messenger/WhatsApp but thats not in our roadmap for now. Your idea is good and i'm adding this to our backlog for now.