Michael Kovnick

Michael Kovnick


1 year ago

Agent Email signatures

Hi, I am confused about something.ย  In looking at the 2.0 features, I saw this:

One of the main reason, not allowing HTML signatures in inboxes. After talking with many customers we understand, everyone has their own preference for signatures.

Now you can use HTML in your inbox signature and to ease that process, weโ€™ve created aย free email signature generatorย for you.

This seems to imply that agents can create their own signatures>. As I see it, this is only something the administrator can do, and is the same for ALL agents with variables.ย  Is these something I am not seeing?

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  • Parvez Akther
    Parvez Akther 1 year ago
    Signature is Inbox specific and configurable with variable so technically every agent gets a dynamic signature set by Admin.
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