Parvez Akther

Parvez Akther


3 years ago

🎉 Very big ThriveDesk Community update

This is the first and very big update to ThriveDesk Community module. Since our first soft launch our team working tirelessly to bring you the best community software. 

🙋‍♂️ Public/Private Community

No you can make your entire community public or private. Channels privacy settings will not impact by this settings. 

Public: People can register using Google/Email and see only public channels.

Private: Inviate only and we'll add SSO feature with it. So your existing users can login to the community without creating any account.

🔑 Login With Google/Email

Login with google

Visitor can login with their Google account or email. You don't need to setup anything. Just make your community public and it will work out-of-the-box.

🪗 Brand New Editor

We replaced our old editor with TinyMCE so you can enjoy every bit of writing. This new editor is powerful and enable us to do lots more in future.

Emoji: With editor's built-in emoji picker, writing is fun again 😀

🌁 Inline Image

Adding image to your post body is now possible, thanks to our new editor. Give you post lift with text and images 🏞

🔗 Links module

You can add useful links, email address to your community for easy access. Link module support regular link and mailto: tag.

📌 Pin Post & Comments

Want to use a post as announcement or hightlight a comment? Now its possible with pin post and comment feature.

💬 Channel Description

Add small description to your channel so users can understand what's the channel is about. 

🏟 Open Graph Meta Data Support

You can add meta image to your post or channel as open graph standard. When someone share your post to social media you'll imeedietly see the image.

🤩 Community Logo and Favicon

Now you can upload your community logo and favicon.

🚀 Improvements

  • Slug issue fixed.
  • Comment editable.
  • Image lightbox support for inline image.
  • Onboarding update - After you login you need to finish the profile information.
  • Notification toast update.
  • Community settings updated.
  • Sidebar UI imporved.
  • Email notification for comment

Need feature? Feel free to post your idea here https://community.thrivedesk.net/c/feature-request or ask for help here https://community.thrivedesk.net/c/ask-for-help

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