Parvez Akther

Parvez Akther


2 years ago

🧩 WooCommerce Integration Is Here!

Today we are excited to introduce WooCommerce integration with ThriveDesk. This is an extensive integration for us, and we wanted to do it right.

After a month of deliberate coding and testing, we finally built the right WooCommerce integration you'll love to use.

Let's see how the integration work 👇

1️⃣ Install WordPress Plugin

First, you need to install the ThriveDesk WordPress plugin. We revamped the plugin with a new sleek UI.

2️⃣ Establish Connection

After installing and activating the plugin, you need to connect your site with ThriveDesk. Go to Settings > ThriveDesk menu, and you'll see all available integrations. Click the Connect button, and it will take you to the ThriveDesk App integration page. 

On this connection setting modal, You'll be able to change the Widget name, select the inbox where this integration will work, and enable/disable some settings.

Once you save the settings, it'll take you back to your WordPress site, and you'll see WooCommerce connection has been established. You can disconnect/reconnect anytime you want.

3️⃣ Exploring Data

You can see customer orders, shipping, license data the moment they contact you for support. If they contact you with the same email they used to order, you don't need to ask them any additional questions. ThriveDesk pulls all of the customer data from your WooCommerce store.

You can connect as many WooCommerce stores as you want with same Inbox or seperate inboxe. If you connect multiple WooCommerce stores with same Inbox, they will appear one after another.

⭐️ WooCommerce Software  License Plugin Integration

If you sell digital products like themes, plugins, or software, no need to worry about it. Our integration works perfectly with the WooCommerce Software License plugin.

What's Next?

We are not stopping here. We'll add more options like canceling the order or refund it from the ThriveDesk conversation page in our next update. Only the assigned users can perform specific actions from the ThriveDesk panel.

🙏 If you like this integration, please do us a favor and leave an honest review on our plugin page.

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