Phill Coxon

Phill Coxon


3 years ago

Inbox specific & global Tags and Saved Replies


Both tags and Saved Replies appear to be global across all Inboxes. This is not ideal. If we can set up users to give permission to access individual Inboxes we also ideally need to be able to restrict tags and saved replies to individual Inboxes.

Or at least Saved Replies. When creating a Saved Reply I'd like to see an option that restricts it to the current Inbox by default, or a checkbox to make it global across all Inboxes.

It would be great to do the same for tags, but I'm not quite so concerned if tags are global by default as long as search functionality is good (filter by inbox(es) ) etc.

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  • Phill Coxon
    Phill Coxon 3 years ago
    Parvez has indicated in same Facebook thread: "yes, global and inbox specific replies" - yay! Thank you! 😀