Parvez Akther

Parvez Akther


1 year ago

Live chat activity monitoring, Assistant and Inbox update

Now, while chatting with a visitor, you can observe their online activity. One of the most exciting feature we’ve released till date.

The ability to lead visitors to the checkout page or close more sales is made possible by this functionality. When you see that a visitor is making their way to the target page and converting, this is thrilling.

Additional info about your visitor

You now know their location and the operating system and browser they are using. Your chat could be highly targeted and tailored if you are aware of this information.

We don't keep visitor IP addresses or any other private information. Information about the system is gathered from the visitor payload header that we received.

The indicator for typing

Both the user and the agent can now notice the cute tiny typing indicator that has shown. That is rather cool, isn't it?

Assistant update for Doc

The Assistant for Doc integration has been significantly improved.

  • Once your doc site is linked to the assistant, the widget will automatically update to display the most recent articles.
  • We use the pre-fetch method, you should expect a twofold improvement in the speed at which you find and load articles. Articles are fetched when you mouse over the widget, and they load instantly when you click.

Expandable Assistant for easier reading

For easier reading, the article assistant now expands when you click any article. To return to your previous shape, click the collapse symbol.

You can only build an assistant for a document and integrate it on your product. The customer is not required to visit your website just to read the article.

Improving the visibility of tickets

Before, you had no idea who was reading or responding to the article. You do now!

You can see who on your team is reading the article and responding in real time. This is a terrific enhancement that will save you time and stop you from writing duplicate responses.

Improvement and Fixes

  • Improved incoming email signature section detection algorithm. 
  • Fix browser title interpolation
  • Improved ticket page tidyness
  • Fix chat message disappearing issue.
  • Added tooltip for tags and made it compact
  • Fix inbox page connect button permission issue
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